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Perform in Central Turf Wicket Trials with 5 HD Camera set-up
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Steps to be a #FGPowerPlayer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is FG PowerPlayer?
    • Funngage PowerPlayer is an all Scientific and Digitally Powered Cricket Scholarship Program to select the Best Male and Female Cricketing Talent in India in the age groups between 12 to 24 years.

    • Aspirants are being categorised in three categories of age groups - Under 16, Under 20, and Under 24.

    • Program is designed in six transparent steps:

    1. Orientation: Aspirants need to:

      1. Create account on Funngage

      2. Complete profile

      3. Choose category

      4. Upload the individual's video as per the chosen category

      5. Await the acceptance notification from Funngage to come for the basic skills assessment.

    1. Elementary: Come to the venue and attend trial.

      1. Each aspirant will have to face 12 deliveries.

      2. HD videos for each delivery and a video of all deliveries combined together will be shared with the aspirant on their respective Funngage profile.

      3. Each aspirant will be assessed by the top cricket coaches and the assessment report will be shared with the aspirants on their Funngage profile.

    2. Refine: Top 15,000 will be shortlisted and notified for the advance trial and Fitness test. Aspirants will be notified on their Funngage profile about the advance trail venue and date. Advance trial will happen in the presence of top cricket coaches. Fitness test will be conducted by qualified BCCI/ International/ SAI trainers.

    1. Grind: Top 450 from 'Refine' will undergo Cricket Coaching Camp at Funngage designated cricket academy. Post camp, 450 will be divided into 30 teams of 15 each and will participate in league tournament of 40 overs. Each player will get to play 5 matches each.

    1. Overseas Training: Top 40 across the age category will be shortlisted to travel to Guildford Grammar School, Perth, Australia, for 21 days of Cricket Coaching.

    1. Curation: Top 105 PowerPlayers across the various age Categories will get an all-inclusive sponsorship from Funngage for 5 years subject to the adherence to the terms and conditions of the sponsorship.

    It is mandatory for the users to agree to the terms and conditions of . By agreeing to the program, users are accepting to the terms and conditions on the website and on mobile applications. It is the responsibility of the aspirant to go through the terms and conditions.

  • Who can participate in FG PowerPlayer Program?

    Any Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin (male or female) in the age group of 12 to 24 years can participate. 31 September, 2019 is the age reference date.

  • Do I need to register on Funngage?
    1. Yes, one can participate only by registering onto the program from Funngage. The registration process is very simple and one can do it either by downloading the Android / iOS mobile applications(Funngage) or by directly going into the website( . It is must for the participants to complete all the details fully and correctly.
    2. Information provided by the aspirant will be considered as final. Any incorrect information may lead to disqualification. Funngage has the complete right to disqualify or bar a participant at its own discretion.
  • Is there any entry fee for registering into the FG PowerPlayer Program?
    • Yes, a One Time Registration Fee will be charged to administer the program effectively.
      1. For Bowlers and Batsmen: ₹ 1050 (including GST)

      2. All Rounders (including Wicket Keepers): ₹ 1950 (including GST)

    • Registration fees to be paid in advance to confirm the slot in trials. If the trial gets cancelled for any reason beyond Funngage's control, registration fee will be refunded post statutory deductions as mandated by the government regulations.
  • Are there any hidden charges besides the entry fee?

    There are no hidden charges whatsoever. Aspirants will only have to pay the registration fee, all other expenses during the program which are mentioned hereunder will be borne by Funngage:

    1. Expenses of booking the Trial venue
    2. HD Videos and their making charges by professionals
    3. Advance Trial expenses and the Coaches fees
    4. Expenses of Fitness test and the fees of the Professional Trainers
    5. Training Camps Accommodation, Food, Beverages and Logistics
    6. Visa, Travel, Accommodation, Food, Fitness, Training, Coaching, and Match Fee for Australia
    7. Boarding, Lodging, International Training, and Professional Fees
    8. 5 Years of Training and Holistic Sponsorships (as per Funngage's Policy and Processes)
  • How do I get the HD videos?
    1. All inviting aspirants to the Skill Assessment Trials will be provided with HD videos on their Funngage profile.
    2. Videos are for aspirants to keep and they are free to share them on any of the platform of their choice from the Funngage ID.
  • How many trials can I attempt?

    One can attempt only one trial at any of the listed FG PowerPlayer Trial Venue.

  • How do I check my assessment?

    Assessment is digital and will be shared with the aspirants on their Funngage profile. Notification of the assessment will be shared on the registered email and phone number.

  • How do I keep updated with the Program Notifications or Steps?

    All notifications will be sent to the registered email and/or phone numbers. Users can real time check the status by clicking on PowerPlayer link or logo on Mobile Apps or on Website.

  • Will there be any charge for the training camp and Australia trip?
    1. Aspirants shortlisted for Overseas Training will be attending 21 days of cricket training camp at Guildford Grammar School at Perth, Australia.
    2. There will be No Charge at all and all Training Cost will be borne by Funngage.
    3. For the qualifying aspirants, Funngage will take care of all costs of Visa Fees, Airfare, Food, Accommodation and Logistics, Cricket Coaching by international coaches and other professionals, Fitness and Strength Training and Matches in Australia.
  • What happens if I'm not satisfied with the assessment result?
    1. Funngage holds the right and discretion to select or reject the aspirants as per its internal process. Funngage holds no accountability towards any person or organization to disclose its selection parameters.
    2. You may please write to with the details of your query. Funngage reserves the right to answer any such query.